About MaY Media

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Meet our second flagship product designed specially for the future media makers and journalists

MaY’s Media is a content sharing platform, where you can writing, recording videos or audio, and sharing multimedia designed to take you from a student to the future media maker or journalist.

Media is our flagship. We develop media run by youth to youth. We fill global market niche with the voice of future generations – the voice of the young. People involved in media field work on informing about all the events they find interesting, valuable and remarkable, about initiatives concerning development especially of the young people all over the world. We are anxious for taking care of quality, standards and reliability of journalism worldwide due to a development of media education from the earliest years of life.

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How MaY we share you?

MaY ‘s media mission is to provide the best multimedia content about and for young people from all over the world. We care about the value of  messages that we create.  We share and spread youth achievements, we speak about the most important issues, we provide the best information about the opportunities for young people.

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Meet all the platforms, tools and features around the world to connect with young people. Thanks to the Cloud we can use many possibilities, we can co-create amazing social projects – conferences, meetings, workshops and any other events you have in mind. Practically we create opportunities to work smart, not hard, save time, and we can faster and better develop each other.

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We create and develop teams in the big and small cities, on universities and in schools – high schools and middle schools. Thanks to the local communities we grow with the numbers of local actions. We respect the value of the process of local integration between our members and work face to face. We also support the youth mobility thanks to our online platforms.


MaY Media Forms


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We create our own social content sharing platforms with an amazing high-quality content run by young media makers from all over the world.

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Thank to our own tools, internet platforms we create and share to the world youth voices. We create our own radio channels using MaY platform and other well-known social media.

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Today’s media without the television are like the journalist without the computer. We share, using MaY platform, Youtube and other social channels our own multimedia content.

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MaY Media Sections


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Stay up to date with worldwide news! Our young team will inform you about latest facts, news and headlines from each country! You can also use a blog feature to share your opinions or talk with others about the economy. Everything relevant in one place – stay tuned with MaY!

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Are you a sport fan? If yes, you would love our website! From now you’ll be able to follow each sport event, each championships, each cup or even summer and winter olympics. It doesn’t matter if you like football, basketball, hockey or swimming! Here on MaY you’ll find everything what’s relevant for you!

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Nowadays everyone is busy and there is time for nothing but now is time for break! Plan your free time with us, everyone needs to rest! Read book, go to cinema for the best movie or buy a ticket for your favorite music band concert! All ideas are great. With us you will be up to date with every cultural event, movie premier and book review. Moreover, with our bookmark #HashTag you’ll be able to easily see what other people recommend and what this week is on TOP in the Internet. Hashtags, tweets, videos and more – all together only on MaY!

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We create newsworthy stories about the young people and great figures. We presents people and their problems, concerns, or achievements in a way that brings about interest, sympathy or motivation in the reader or viewer. We share human interest stories that should be memorable for the future generations.

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Popular and often very commercial topic. What about to diverse it a bit and make it more personal? With our young&international team you would see what is in top in each country in the world! See what people are doing in the free time, what do they cook or wear. Simply, learn more about their lifestyle! French fashion and Italian food or maybe Canadian winter sports and each English tea? It’s up to YOU! Just pick what fits you the most. Keep in mind that by discovering culture of other countries and their lifestyle you might have a desire to visit all of this places. We know that it could be expensive but don’t worry!! Our team will tell you what is worth to see in their country and how to do this spending as less and possible.

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Are you a science geek? What are your hobbies? Oh, wait! It doesn’t matter! Regardless of the things in which you are interested you’ll be able to find literally everything on MaY. Starting with tidbits about Earth and Space, through Nature and facts about Humans. After all, you can find out more about current science experiments, inventions and Tech News which have potential to change our life.

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Reviews, debates and discussions! Don’t be afraid of using your voice! Share with us your point of view and give us an opinion in each topic which is important for you!

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Do you like to talk with interesting or famous people? Do you know someone who has an idea for yourself? Would you like to share about him with the world?

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Share your multimedia content with MaY. Be the photographer during some events, go to conferences and show your work to the world!

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Media Teams


Our Media are supported by special teams. We are an organization created by the thousands of young people, but the most important thing for us is quality. We launched the Media Teams to care about the information which we share and spread in our materials.

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Program Council transformed into a team of quality content in Media MaY. Its general objective is to take care of a realization of MaY Media Mission while paying especial attention to a substantive side of contents they release.

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Shows – team formed to lead Media-Multimedia bit (television, podcasts, audio-visual part of MaY) is responsible for realizing programs, editing and entire multimedia base of the organization and the events it helds.

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WRITERS & SPEAKERS cares of presenting and translating contents to make an access to them available globally and to increase the extend of expansion trends scheduled by the organization.

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Team attentively seeking for improving the quality of contents created in MaY and simultaneously looking for new and more effective work’s solutions meeting consignees’ actual expectations on the news market.

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Our Media for You


 Are you organizing an event? Maybe even you have released a new album or enter your new movie? We cover many events, support artists and we what is the most important – we show their work to the world!

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We help you build a better tomorrow

Investment in young people is always an investment in the future. Participate with your company, organization or institution in the process of youth development for the future generations.

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For News Stream

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For Podcasts, Radio

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Are you interesting in? Join us!

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Read more about our other products

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